Welcome to Britannia Search & Rescue

Thursday, 21 August, 1997

Britannia Search & Rescue is an Internet gaming guild that plays as an emergency response team. It exists primarily on Ultima Online’s Baja shard, but has enjoyed forays onto other UO Shards (such as Atlantic, Great Lakes, and Catskills), as well as other multiplayer Internet games (such as EverQuest and Diablo).

The Britannia Search & Rescue guild headquarters doubles as a Treasure Hunters’ Rune Library, and our “Map Room” contains runes to all the treasure chest locations in the Felucca facet on the Baja shard, and as such is a boon to every treasure hunter on Baja.

Our rules are simple, and are summed up in our 5 Point Charter. Role-playing is encouraged, but not required. We do not force our views on others: good, evil, or neutral, order, chaos, or balance. We do not require dues (in-game or out-of-game), although in-game donations are appreciated. Above all, we’re here to help.

We are comprised of all volunteers, but are more than a simple support group as our name may imply. Members of Britannia Search & Rescue, or BS&R, have gone on to form their own guilds, become multiplayer gaming guides, and succeed as leaders of major player communities. Dozens of BS&R members have become friends online, and several of those have met each other in real life since joining the guild.

You can read news about us here, our simplified history here, and learn about the process of becoming a member here.

You are invited to address any questions, comments, or concerns about Britannia Search & Rescue to our Guildmaster, Nobody, at nobody@hurm.com.

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