Enlisting in Britannia Search & Rescue


In order for a character to join the BS&R several requirements must first be met. These requirements are incorporated into our BS&R Enlistment Path checklist, below.

  BS&R Enlistment Form
1 Demonstration

Prior to becoming an official Guildmember, pre-guildmembers demonstrate their sincerity by acting in the manner of an active and upstanding BS&R Guildmember While combat may be handy in “the field,” the helpfulness of the character is just as important for a BS&R Guildmember, if not moreso.

(Any character who requests to become a member of the BS&R and demonstrates their sincerity may be considered a Volunteer.)

2 Sponsorship Once this pre-Guildmember is known to have demonstrated their mettle, they may petition for membership.

Every petitioner must have an in-game Sponsor. A Sponsor is someone who is already a BS&R Guildmember who is a positive reference for the petitioner, noting the quality of his or her character, and ability to adhere to our ethics system (summed up by the 5 Points of the BS&R Charter). Without a Sponsor, no petitioner shall be accepted.

3 Read the web site The petitioner should be directed to this web site, probably by their Sponsor, and read as much as necessary to become familiar with the BS&R.

Bare minimum, the player must read the Rules and Ranks sections. (Don’t worry, you won’t be tested—at least, not in a formal sense :] )

Every petitioner must have a Sponsor. A Sponsor is someone who is already a Citizen who is positive reference for the petitioner. Without a Sponsor, no petitioner shall be accepted.

4 Send in the character’s Enlistment information Once all of the above requirements are met the petitioner may Enlist via the BS&R Enlistment Form below. Within two weeks of sending in the character’s Enlistment information the player will receive, via e-mail, an Enlistment confirmation letter.

(Any character who fulfills Sponsorship requirements and sends in their Enlistment information may be considered a Probationary Member. The start of their BS&R career is set from the date that this information is sent.)



After sending in the Enlistment information the petitioner shall undergo a one month (approximately) Initiation Period. This Period includes an unobtrusive investigation wherein the guild may determine the validity of the request.

At the end of this period the petitioning character shall be allowed to become a full Member of the BS&R. This is demonstrated by a small swearing-in ceremony. These ceremonies shall consist of the Guildmaster (or Shard or World Leader) delivering a short speech, followed by the respective candidates accepting their Membership. An in-game uniform will be given the new member, if applicable.

Note: in-game Titles, such as via Ultima Online’s Guildstones, will never be awarded within the first month, and often not at all, as it is often used to indicate Charter Members and House Fund Donators. Varying rules in alternate Worlds may apply.

(Any character who is initiated into the BS&R is may considered a Member.)

6 Membership Members are requested to wear the BS&R uniform as often as possible, but it is recognized that it may be a deterrent in certain circumstances (such as when one is alone on a field operation).

Once a full Member the character may eventually form his or her own squad or “Chapter,” comprised of the characters they play with most often, and become a Chapter Leader. Characters which show extreme promotional abilities may become the Shard or World Leader that as yet has none.

When you want to apply for membership, merely fill out and submit the form below.

Apply here for membership in the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild

When applying for membership in Britannia Search & Rescue please first read the BS&R Enlistment Path above, and follow the guidelines within. At a certain point the member candidate shall be asked to fill out the form below. Certain information areas within the form are mandatory, such as the Guildname, Sponsor, and the Oath. If you don’t get any sort of confirmation page then the form didn’t work, and you should just submit your information to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com. Within a week after sending the form (or e-mail) you should receive an e-mail about confirmation of enlistment into the ranks of the BS&R.

Please do not register more than once. Players may have more than one character enlist into the BS&R, and these aliases will be listed along with the Member’s primary “member-character” name. Should a Member wish to have such an alternate character listed along with the desired username, please submit a note to our Guildmaster (Nobody, at nobody@hurm.com), describing your desire.

  Britannia Search & Rescue Enlistment Form
1 Make up a “Guildname”*
2 What is the name of your member-character? What other characters do you have that might relate?*
3 What is the name of your BS&R Sponsor?*
4 Enter in your e-mail address*
5 UIN for ICQ (will be posted on Members Page)
6 Have you read the Rules & Ranks of the Britannia Search & Rescue?*
  Yes. Not yet.
7 How did you learn about Britannia Search & Rescue?
8 Which Internet Game & Server do you prefer playing on?*
9 In which town or area do you most often frequent in that Game & Server?*
10 The Oath*

I have read the Charter and Rules of Britannia Search & Rescue, and swear to promote a better quality of (virtual) life for our members and allies, for as long as I am a member of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild.

Yes, I have read the Charter and Rules and agree.

* These listings must be filled in by the Volunteer

Thank you for considering Membership within Britannia Search & Rescue.

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