Welcome to the Britannia Search & Rescue Map Room

Wednesday, 10 October, 2001

The Britannia Search & Rescue guild headquarters doubles as a Treasure Hunters’ Rune Library, and our “Map Room” contains runes to all the treasure chest locations in the Felucca facet on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.

Our guild headquarters is located in the swamps north of Trinsic, a haven for lizardmen known as the “Fens of the Dead.” The main room of this public large smithy, which most people now call a large shop or “large patio,” is filled with locked-down runebooks, each full of precious treasure location runes, a boon to every treasure hunter on Baja.

Please note that some of the images related to the Map Room are large, and may take some time to load.

Directions to the Map Room

Sextant Coordinates: 67o 14'S, 33o 36'E

UOAM Coordinates: X: 1801, Y: 859

Directions by foot: Starting on the Felucca facet at the Trinsic western gate, travel north along the coast until you reach the swamps (the “Fens of the Dead”). Follow the western edge of those swamps north, until you reach a graveyard. The BS&R Map Room is located in the large shop just north of that graveyard. The house sign reads “Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center-Trinsic.”

Directions from Avalon: Avalon is a player-city located on a large peninsula west of the Dungeon Wrong’s mountains, on the Felucca facet. Just south of the center of the city is the “Avalon Rune Library,” a large shop full of runes and runebooks to help players travel all over the Baja shard. A rune labeled “BS&R Treasure” is located in the main rune area.

Contacting Us

You are invited to address any questions, comments, or concerns about Britannia Search & Rescue, or our Map Room, to our Guildmaster, Nobody, at nobody@hurm.com.

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