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The following list summarizes cornerstone events in the history of Britannia Search & Rescue. News may be read here, and old news items may be found here. Our current message board, here, is also a good source of information on the BS&R.

History of BS&R
Historic milestone
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1 Nobody makes it into the last phase of the Ultima Online Beta Test with 1/2 hour to spare before the cut off deadline. He is able to visit Mystery City, the first player-city in UO, before it becomes wiped. (He will one day be first Founder and Guildmaster of BS&R)
UO: Beta Test Shard (Britain)
August 1997
2 O'lorae joins Ultima Online. He will be the second Founder of the guild.
Friday, 22 August 1997
3 Rawfish joins Ultima Online. He will be the third Founder of the guild.
Wednesday, 10 September 1997
4 Severian joins Ultima Online. He will be the fourth Founder of the guild.
UO: Atlantic
Monday, 8 September 1997
5 Ultima Online, or UO, goes public. September 24th, 1997
6 Blitz joins Ultima Online. He will be the fifth and final Founder of the guild.
September 1997
7 Founders settle on Baja as their primary Shard of Operations.
UO: Baja Shard
October 1997
8 Minor internal strife relating to guild structure causes Nobody to spontaneously develop BS&R theme & uniform. 10 minutes later Hagar volunteers to Nobody and Blitz for duty. Guild web site becomes adjusted to reflect the new theme soon afterward.
UO: Baja Shard (Britain, Skara Brae)
Monday, 27 October 1997
9 PapaMan becomes second Volunteer, and then first member-character to be sworn into BS&R as a full Member.
UO: Baja Shard
Tuesday, 4 November 1997
10 BS&R Members pitch in to buy a small smithy on UO's Baja Shard, near the city of Yew. (The smithy's security is later compromised by house looters, falls into disuse, and eventually degrades.)
UO: Baja Shard
Saturday, 6 December 1997
11 First BS&R Holiday Feast. The "Holiday Spirit" visits and gives presents.
UO: Baja Shard (BS&R OC-Yew)
Sunday, 14 December 1997
Holiday Feast
12 Tanis has invited us to a feast being held by his guild. Tanis is the Quartermaster of the Dungeon Masters Guard (DMG), a division of the New Outriders (NOR).
UO: Baja (Ocllo)
Thursday, 18 December 1997
13 BS&R Members buy a large Smithy on UO's Baja Shard, near the city of Trinsic. (This Smithy remains the center of BS&R in-game operations. It functions as a mini-rune library & rest area.)
UO: Baja Shard (BS&R OC-Trinsic)
Wednesday, 14 January 1998
14 BS&R obtains a Guildstone in Ultima Online. Friday, 20 February 1998
15 The Knights of Ni merge into BS&R as a Chapter.
UO: Baja Shard
Saturday, 21 February 1998
Knights of Ni
16 BlackWidow & Mr. Christian are married in a BS&R in-game ceremony at the large Smithy. Counselors and Lord Conrad (a Seer's Role-played Character) attend along with the BS&R Members.
UO: Baja Shard (BS&R OC-Trinsic)
Thursday, 9 April 1998
17 BS&R Members are invited by Lord Conrad on a special Seer Quest.
UO: Baja Shard (Trinsic)
Saturday, 2 May 1998
Lord Conrad’s Quest
18 BS&R comes into conflict with the evil Warlocks. BS&R Knights of Ni Chapter Leader Calvin develops "BlackOps" as a means for both sides to relieve aggressions, and is hailed as a hero.
UO: Baja Shard
Thursday, 27 May 1998
19 Zar, the Animal Tamer (another Seer's Role-played Character) enjoys the company of BS&R Members, and is later reported to claim to consider himself one.
UO: Baja Shard (Britain)
20 Britannia Search & Rescue is invited by Eric the Red, of the Nox Ordo guild, to Virtue Fest ’98
UO: Lake Superior (Nujel’m)
5 July 1998
21 Guildmates Calvin and Ultimax venture to Baja's new player-city of Avalon, ironically to help defend it alongside Legolos and his Warlocks. To Warlocks curiously kill the BS&R member-characters during the bloodfest. (Ultimax resigns BS&R, choosing to remain in Avalon. Months later he manages their AMC vendor mall, and joins the Rangers of Avalon.)
UO: Baja Shard (Avalon)
Sunday, 7 June 1998
22 Several Knights of Ni meet with PapaMan in real life, setting the stage for other such real life meetings. Monday, 21 June 1998
23 BS&R joins Crow River, a UOX player-created Ultima Online Shard. Calvin is appointed Shard Leader. (Crow River no longer is in service.) Thursday, 23 June 1998
24 BS&R swells to over 40 Active Members — the largest in it's history.
25 BS&R t-shirts are offered to Members in a one-time deal. Wednesday, 29 June 1998
BS&R T-shirt
26 Nowheresville town concepts for UO begin development. Wednesday, 29 June 1998
27 As the BS&R/BlackOps/Warlocks conflicts subside, Members begin enjoying a period of rest.
UO: Baja Shard
28 PapaMan and Fiatofa is deleted in a server-side error. Their players leave UO, PapaMan’s for EQ.
UO: Baja Shard
EQ: Bristlebane
Wednesday, 2 September 1998
29 Guildmaster Nobody is asked to assist in developing events for Avalon, and he agrees to a one-month term.
UO: Baja Shard (Avalon)
Saturday, 10 November 1998
30 EverQuest beta test enters Phase 4. Several BS&R Members are already involved, and carry over versions of their characters.
Thursday, 19 November 1998
31 EverQuest goes public.
32 Guildmaster Nobody joins the new Avalon Merchant Cooperative as a founding staff member.
UO: Baja Shard (Avalon)
Wednesday, 9 December 1998
33 Mr.Christian and Chauncey form BS&R Gold.
UO: Baja Shard (Skara Brae)
34 Second BS&R Holiday Feast.
UO: Baja Shard (BS&R OC-Trinsic)
Monday, 28 December 1999
35 Guildmaster Nobody lends assistance to the player city of Lumaria's Freeborn Press news web site, helping to adjust some of it's design & layout.
UO: Baja Shard
Freeborn Press
36 PapaMan's EverQuest character, Horzak, joins a local guild.
EQ: Bristlebane
37 Guildmaster Nobody becomes Prime Minister of Avalon, deciding to serve for a three-month term.
UO: Baja Shard (Avalon)
Saturday, 6 March 1999
38 Guildmaster Nobody lends assistance to the Dark Tower of Sheol by providing sketches for it's web site-in-progress.
UO: Baja Shard
May 1999
39 Active Membership hovers at 6, lowest since the founding of the guild.  
40 Manshoon helps to form the Rangers of Avalon.
UO: Baja Shard (Avalon)
41 BS&R activity once again begins to rise. Thursday, 22 July, 1999

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