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I'm Keith Quinn, a creative type caught up in the broad areas of art, stories, and web. I've been a game designer, community relations manager, comic book illustrator, graphic artist, and desktop publishing specialist. The portfolio items herein are a smattering of things I've worked on in recent years, with a new item or two added every few months. Most of the portfolio is taken up with visual things like superheroes and logos, but you'll also find some website designs, pen & ink work, and even some writing samples.

If you'd like to see more of the sorts of things I fill my days with, go check out my main site at Hurm.com, or my online comics Local Heroes and Playtime Projects.

Finally, I have some of the things you've seen here in the portfolio for sale on t-shirts and mugs and the like, or even as books. You can check them out at my Hurm Store.

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The Hurm Studio site is conveniently organized into the following sections:

Comic Art: These illustrations are from, or relate to, comics and cartoons.

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Graphic Design: A collection of logos and other graphics.

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Illustrations: These illustrations are often more realistic than the Comic Art set.

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Projects: Sometimes I dabble with things that are more than simply art, web design, or writing—webcomics, in particular.

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Web Design: I've done a bit of front-end web site creation (design, HTML, CSS, and a dab of JavaScript and PHP).

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Writing: This section includes a handful of story tidbits.

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Also, many of our items have been grouped into one or more sets, where all items in a set share an identical theme (e.g. comic book, logo, game, etc.) or brand (e.g. Heroes Incorporated®, Local Heroes, Playtime Projects, etc.). Items in such sets have been tagged, and those tags are listed below.

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