Part-Time Comics

Part-Time Comics is a bi-weekly podcast wherein Keith Quinn and Anthony Rezendes share their ongoing plan to better create and promote their comics.

Tune in to Talkshoe for a new show every other Friday, around 7:00pm U.S. Central Time, to hear them talk about their successes and failures in achieving their goals.

Read more about Part-Time Comics at www.parttimecomics.com.


Local Heroes

Local Heroes is an online comic about the periodic misadventures of the super-powered heroes of UNIONS Local 37.

New strips are published every Monday, around Noon, U.S. Central Time.

Read Local Heroes at www.localheroes.us.


Playtime Projects

Playtime Projects is an online comic about a children's show, its cast, and their shenanigans. It's childish fun in the heart of the Imagine Nation.

New strips are published periodically on an irregular basis.

Read Playtime Projects at www.playtimeprojects.com.


Heroes Incorporated

Heroes Incorporated® is a comic by Keith Quinn, centering on Grenadier and the Heroes Incorporated super-team as they race to rescue a wealthy businessman's kidnapped grandson.

Purchase Heroes Incorporated books and merchandise at the Hurm Store.


A Girl and Her Wookiee

A Girl and Her Wookiee was an online comic strip based in the Star Wars universe. Published exclusively at SWG Stratics nearly every two weeks from June 4, 2001 through December 24, 2002, it told the tale of young Lorna Thisteen and Tonkah the Wookiee as they sought for Lorla's missing grandfather—a legendary Jedi Knight.

You can read the entire run of A Girl and Her Wookiee at www.hurm.com/agahw/.