Keith Quinn is a video game designer who has worked on massively-multiplayer games since 2001, starting in community relations for Ultima Online and most recently as a level designer for Shroud of the Avatar. Along the way, he's been a game designer on several MMOGs for PC, mobile, and PlayStation, including DC Universe Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. In his current role as a level designer, Keith helps bring adventure scenes to life by adding interesting visuals, harvestable resources, exploration rewards, and, of course, challenging bad guys all along the way.

Born in New York, Keith currently lives in Texas with his pets. He sometimes creates comics (and appears at conventions) in his spare time, including Local Heroes, Heroes Incorporated, and Playtime Projects.

If you'd like to see more of his work, check out his online portfolio.

Contact Keith at www.keithquinn.net.


Hurm Studio

The hands, brains, and soul of Hurm.com can be found in Hurm Studio. We make illustrations, graphic designs, Web sites, comic book art, and all sorts of visually artistic creations—and there may even be a little bit of writing, too.

Hurm Studio projects include Local Heroes, Heroes Incorporated, and Playtime Projects, and partnered with Brainstorm Comics on the now-concluded Part-Time Comics podcast.

Official Hurm merchandise can be bought online at the Hurm Store at www.hurm.com/store/.



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