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Avalon’s City-owned Buildings

The player-city of Avalon has acquired several buildings in its long history. We'll introduce you to them and their caretakers, and describe some of the key points in each building's respective history.

First, let’s consider the whole of Avalon and the location of each building. The city-owned buildings are situated throughout the peninsula; most of them are Public (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a way), some are Private (for “security” reasons), but each serves an important purpose within the Avalon community.

Each city-owned building is often first identified by the “Avalon” notation on the sign hanging outside their respective front doors, such as the “Avalon Town Hall” or the “Avalon Public Library.”

Avalon’s City-owned Buildings




Town Hall

Miriah [CoA]

Eastern Avalon (in the center of it’s northeastern shore)


available at this time

Although considered in “Northern Avalon,” the Arena is essentially right in the middle of the Avalon Peninsula

Book Library

Jerk [CoA]

Western Tip of Avalon (the building furthest West, aside from one small scenic overlook shop)


Ultimax [Commissar, Max]

Eastern Avalon (the “first” building in Avalon, as in the one closes to the mainland)

Event Tower

Riena Faire [ZON]

Northern Avalon (the only tower on the Avalon Peninsula aside from the Town Hall)


Indigo Wanderer

Eastern Avalon (between the Town Hall and the Event Tower)

Rune Library

Hazard [Freeborn EiC, BS&R, ]

Southern Avalon (near the center of the peninsula’s southern shore, just south of the Arena)

Avalon Town Hall
The Avalon Town Hall is a tower that stands in Eastern Avalon, somewhat near the neck of the City of Destiny’s peninsula. It has long been used as the center of Avalon life. Avalon’s “Four Seasons Tower Rooftop Bar,” for instance, was central to Avalonian life for many months. It sat alongside the Mayoral Residence, also on the roof of the Town Hall.

The tower’s early life saw quite a few Dungeon Crawl & Wilderness Hunt launches, several vicious planned & spontaneous battles, many furniture replacements (as there was no ability for players to lockdown furniture at the time), and beloved Agnes, the Vendor of the Four Seasons bar on the Town Hall roof. Read more

Avalon Commissary
The Avalon Merchant Cooperative came about as several citizens and close associates came together to assist local merchants and their customers. Not a guild, but still sometimes known as “AMC,” this new organization became known for its periodic tracking of Vendors and services on the Avalon peninsula. Its close association with the Avalon government’s official commerce representatives brought the two groups goals to become synonymous.

Legolos donated a large brick building to Avalon, which the Cooperative put to immediate use as its Avalon Merchant Commissary. Ultimax was recruited to manage the building, and an offer was put out that this new building would grant space to those who wished to operate a Vendor in Avalon. The Commissary quickly became filled with many popular and well-stocked Vendors.

Avalon’s “Vendor Mall” has been host to several special activities, notable Baja’s first Vendor Sale Days (the brainstorm of Hatewraith, one-time Vendor-operator), the Avalon Key Giveaway and Ultimax’s Gold Giveaway, and is now known by the shorter “Avalon Commissary.” Read more

Avalon Event Tower
Avalon’s Event Tower is currently known as “The Hall of Amazons,” and sits on the small sub-peninsula off the north coast of Avalon. This tower was purchased by the city when the former owners moved from Baja to another realm. Home to the Contest of Champions after the dilapidation of the Arena, the tower now houses a small band of Amazons that have declared a certain sort of independence from the city of Avalon. They are led by Riena Faire, self-proclaimed Amazon Queen following the disappearance of Aya, the Lost Queen.

The Amazons claim that the City of Destiny was built atop land that belonged to their people in years past, and for generations. They have recently begun asserting their alleged right to the land, although it is contested by more than a few Avalonians. The resulting relationship between the Amazons and citizens of Avalon is “tolerant” at best.

The doors to this building are open to the public, and the tower roof is well-suited to sparring. Tournaments and other events are still held in the arena atop the tower, but now occur at the whim of the Amazon Queen, rather than the dictates of the Town Council.

Avalon Inn
“Welcome to the Wanderer’s Rest Inn of Avalon. I am the proprietor, Indigo Wanderer…although I find myself wandering very little of late. This Inn is dedicated to serving those who are new to the city of Avalon, who need a place to rest safely. Merely ask, and you shall be Friended here. There is only one rule to follow: obey the city’s code of behavior.”

The history of the Inn is a short one…it was built on the crumbling ruins of a private home, and was designed to be a place where all would be welcome. It is small, it is simple, but it is a place to spend the night out of the cold.

Avalon Rune Library
The southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula is home to her famous Rune Library, located just south of the Arena. The Rune Library began as a fully functional Large Smithy. People came from far and wide to use the facilities, and to enjoy the free repairs offered by such notables citizens of Baja as Ash and Angelica (who later became Avalon’s Prime Minister). The classic “large smithy” styled facility that houses the Rune Library was originally intended to be a building that trained new shard citizens in various ways of life, yet found a new and improved purpose shortly thereafter that centered around travel.

Named after the first wave of Rune Archives that swept across various shards, the Avalon Rune “Library” slowly grew from a scattering of nondescript town runes strewn across the back floor, to its present state as one of the most useful and well traveled buildings across the shard of Baja. Although a public building, the upkeep of the Avalon Rune Library is thanks primarily due to one man: Hazard. He has been custodian of the Rune Library throughout most of its 2 year run. Shard “Libraries” across the realm were studied by the proprietor in its earliest days in order to find the best format for security and display, as vandalism was quite common.

The Avalon Rune Library contains a vast array of runes, ranging from towns, player communities, shrines, islands, almost every dungeon level, wedding areas, bank roofs, and much, much more. Countless visitors have tread through its doors, and various events have been held inside over the years including a sťance, a wake of a Magistrate, as well as numerous gatherings of various groups of Baja citizens. Read more


Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city, located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.
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