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Avalon’s Placement in the World

Avalon is a player-city on Ultima Online’s “Baja Shard,” located west of the Dungeon Wrong. The city resides completely within a peninsula, often referred to as the “Avalon Peninsula.” This peninsula is highlighted on the map of Sosaria shown above.

The in-game sextant coordinates to the Avalon Town Hall are 122°, 10' North by 34°, 56' East.

Other Player-establishments on Baja
There are several other player-establishments on the Baja Shard. Here is only a short list of only a few of them. For a longer, more comprehensive list of Baja’s player-establishments, guilds, organizations, and other active participants in the greater Baja community, please refer to the Freeborn Press “Entities” section.

Avalon’s Peninsula

The Avalon Peninsula is fairly large, with each resident and building often considered part of the greater Avalon community even if that person or building is not an active participant in Avalon activities. Due to the nature of the size and shape of Avalon’s peninsula, certain subsections often become referenced during conversations. Some common references to these subdivisions are “Western Avalon” (also known as the “Western Tip”), “Northern Avalon,” “Southern Avalon,” and “Eastern Avalon.”

Use the map of the peninsula as a guideline to these subdivision references.

The Western Tip
This area holds the Avalon Public Library, managaed by Jerk, the Librarian. The original Contest of Champions “Fight Nights” were held here. The “arena” was simply a square blocked off by flour bags.

Northern Avalon
Once a peaceful section of Avalon, recently the Amazons have come to “reclaim” their land. Some contest this alleged right of the Amazon’s to reclaim the peninsula, and only time will tell how this issue becomes resolved. In the meantime, however, the Amazons and their Queen, Riena Faire, have claimed both a tower and a small hut.

Southern Avalon
Avalon’s famous public Rune Library resides here. Managed by Hazard, it contains pre-Marked Runes to essentially anywhere and everywhere you'd care to go in the world.

Eastern Avalon
This is the only entrance to Avalon from the mainland. The trail from the neck of the peninsula onto the mainland and running south is known by some locals as “Cochese’s Path.” As you step onto the peninsula from the mainland, you will come upon the Avalon Commissary. The Commissary is Avalon’s vendor mall, and is run by Ultimax. Slightly further into Avalon, along the north shore, you'll come to the Avalon Town Hall, which is notable as having been “blessed” with Gamemaster enhancements. The Town Hall is currently managed by Mariah.

Avalon.map for UOAM (Ultima Online Auto-Map)

UOAM is a very hand map utility for Ultima Online. It is fully approved and sanctioned by OSI, and, in fact, can be found on the www.uo.com web site. UOAM lists all the standard buildings and locations that exist on all Shards, and you can add your own to personal lists. You can also add your own list, such as this one of Avalon (file valid as of January 15, 2000).

Using Avalon.map for UOAM
Download avalon.map here. Place it in your “UOAM” directory, start up UOAM, go to the UOAM Control Panel > Files > Add. Find and choose avalon.map from your UOAM directory, and you’ll have a convenient listing of the places you’ll find in Avalon.

Structures Blessed with Gamemaster (GM) Enhancements are listed as “landmarks.”


Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city, located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.
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