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The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild members have a grand old time. Here’s our “family photo album.” If you have a screenshot of a member in a significant or humorous situation, just submit the image via e-mail to Nobody at Make sure you include a brief description of the event and the participants, as well as the date the event took place.

Here are some of  screen shots of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild from 8 January 1997 through 17 April 1998.

heman.JPG (104159 bytes)

BlackWidow flexes her muscles.
17 April 1998—Baja

UO(980114-174806-20).jpg (72738 bytes)

O’lorae and Nobody try out the southern comfort of the new BS&R OC-Trinsic.
14 January 1998—Baja

UO(980108-225612-78).jpg (101877 bytes)

BS&R members Black Widow, Master of Puppets, and Milton, along with non-members Lord Balf and Love, bear witness as Nobody swears in Mr. Christian.
8 January 1998—Baja

UO(980108-230403-94).jpg (67334 bytes)

Mr. Christian gets sworn into the BS&R in Trinsic, on the Baja Shard.
8 January 1998—Baja

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