Local Heroes #1

Local Heroes is an all-ages online comic (at www.localheroes.us) about a powerless sidekick struggling to keep up with his super-powered mentors. Released in September of 2007, Local Heroes #1 includes all the strips of that appeared online from the first strip to strip 88—that's every strip in storyline 1 through storyline 5.

Keith Quinn created the cover and storylines 1, 3, 4, and 5. Storyline 2 was written and drawn by occasional co-conspirator, Gil Dowling (with Keith assisting as letterer). Beneath the full-color covers, nearly each page includes three black and white strips—all together, it's 34 pages of action and adventure. The strips have been beautifully printed by Ka-Blam.

Local Heroes #1 can be purchased for $3.00 USD (plus shipping and handling), right from this page, using the link below and a bit of PayPal magic. Bonus! Each copy you purchase will be signed by creator Keith Quinn! (Note: Right now, Local Heroes #1 is set-up to ship to US residents only, but anyone outside the US wanting to buy a comic can use the Hurm.com contact form and we can probably set up something reasonable.)


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