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August 04, 2003

28 Days Later

This Stage and Screen article was posted by Keith at 07:41 PM

This weekend, Susan and I saw "28 Days Later." It's an "independent film" that isn't really a zombie or post-apocalypse movie, but it's got some scary stuff, lots of blood, and feels a bit like a zombie movie. It was a good flick, and I recommend it.

The movie centers around an infection that is let loose upon the world after a group of animal rights activists try to free some experimental chimpanzees, and the ensuing horror that this brings about. 28 days after the infection is let loose, Jim, a cycle courier, awakens to find himself seemingly completely along in London. Except he's not alone, and eventually he finds other people. Infected people — and a handful of not-yet-infected persons like himself.

I really like its "what would you do in this situation?" concept. More specificially, it seemed to wonder "What is the minimal amount of society you would allow or afford yourself when faced with survival?" It's not so cliche like a lot of horror movies. Not simply remaking an old villain stereotype and putting people into dumb situations that no sane person would put themselves in. They did a really nice job making England seem virtually empty. I totally recommend it.

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