Local Heroes: About Time

In Local Heroes: About Time, powerless sidekick Squire accidentally travels back into the past, teams up with Rumble Bee against vampires, and is confronted by an evil version of himself from another dimension!

This is an all-ages comic created by Keith Quinn and printed by Ka-Blam. With a full-color cover and black and white interiors, Local Heroes: About Time includes all 84 strips (124 to 208) from storylines 7 through 11 of the popular online comic "Local Heroes" at www.localheroes.us.

Local Heroes: About Time can be purchased for $3.00 USD (plus shipping and handling), right from this page, using the link below and a bit of PayPal magic. Bonus! Each copy you purchase will be signed by creator Keith Quinn! (Note: Right now, Local Heroes: About Time is set-up to ship to US residents only, but anyone outside the US wanting to buy a coloring book can use the Hurm.com contact form and we can probably set up something reasonable.)


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