Meet me at Staple!

If you're going to Staple! this year, look for me at my table! What's Staple!, you ask? Why, it's The Independent Media Expo of Austin, Texas, I respond! My table won't be as sweet as last year, but it will still be as cozy! Plus, Stan Sakai (creator of Usagi Yojimbo) is the guest of honor!

I like Staple! a lot. It costs $5 to get in—doors open at 11:00am. Like last year, the con will be in Austin, Texas at the Monarch Event Center. I'll be in the auditorium along the outer wall at table 30b.

I might as well just copy & paste this part from last year: Come visit my table and buy a signed copy of Local Heroes #1 while I give you a free doodle. We can chat about Local Heroes, Heroes Incorporated, Playtime Projects, or even my new job on Dungeon Runners Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Staple 2009

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