2009 Resolutions

For the fourth year in a row, I present my annual resolution list. As with previous years, we'll first assess how last year's resolutions held up.

Okay, so last year's resolutions. . . .

  1. Get a better job. This resolutions gets a thumbs-up, albeit a shaky thumbs up. I started 2008 with a new game designer job for Dungeon Runners, but got caught in the first wave of layoffs as NCsoft's NC Austin began imploding. After a short term as a temporary interactive designer for TASB, I got a different temp job as a contract designer for BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Let's hope 2009 ends up being more stable.
  2. Go to the homeland more often. This one's a thumbs-sideways, because while I didn't get to my mom's house more often than average, I got home as often.
  3. Participate in Comic Conventions. I went to several conventions and even had a table at the Staple! expo in Austin, Texas. This one get checked as "done"!
  4. Improve the quality of Local Heroes. I created two full storylines in 2008. All the strips were fully inked, and I tried to put some extra attention to the art and panel layouts. I'm going to give this one a "check."
  5. Start a third comic project. This one's a "fail." I probably need to accept that it's too tough for me to work in three ongoing comic strips per year, even if I do give some of them sporadic schedules.

And now, onto the new resolutions for 2009!

  1. Get and keep a good job. I learned my lesson from the first resolution of last year—not only do I want a good job, but I also want to be able to keep it through the whole year! (I'm looking at you, Star Wars: The Old Republic!
  2. Participate in more Comic Conventions. I'll have a table at Staple! again this year, and I'm waiting to hear back from San Diego Comic-Con on an Artist Alley table. (I'll still be going even if I don't get that SDCC table.)
  3. Three new storylines for Local Heroes. I picked three storylines because two storylines in a year seems do-able where three is a mild stretch. Cross your fingers that I can get all three done!
  4. Another printed Local Heroes comic: I have nearly everything ready for turning storyline 6 into a coloring book, but I need another couple of storylines before I can print another "regular" Local Heroes comic.
  5. Create a new Heroes Incorporated® story. I have a short story in mind and some thumbnails for part of it.

There you go. . . short and sweet. Check back throughout the year to see how well I do on each resolution!

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Sean commented at 4:49 PM on January 13, 2009:

I think those are extremely valid and do-able goals for this year, sir!

Good luck and I pray that you get a perm job on Star Wars.

Keith commented at 11:31 PM on June 13, 2009:

Just doing a quick tally of where I am so far with these resolutions....

1. Get and keep a good job: Still on contract with Star Wars: The Old Republic, so that's something.

2. Participate in more Comic Conventions: Went to Staple already. Will be at San Diego Comic-Con in Artists' Alley. Woot! Bonus: Will be joined by my new PartTimeComics.com partner, Anthony Rezendes! Double woot!

3. Three new storylines for Local Heroes: One down, with a second (short) one about to begin.

4. Another printed Local Heroes comic: Done! Slyly masquerading as a coloring book, Local Heroes: Monkey business is now available for purchase at the Hurm Store!

5. Create a new Heroes Incorporated® story: This is in progress. It's slow-going, but it's going!

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