San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Post-Mortem

Last week, I went to the San Diego Comic-Con. While there, I went to some panels, chatted a bit, and took some pictures. Also, I posted a bit to Twitter and Flickr. Here's a compilation of the things I did.

Tuesday, July 22

  • 8:32am CT (via Twitter): Going to be at Comic-con from Thursday to Sunday. Not at a table, just walking around.

Wednesday, July 23

  • 5:45pm CT (via Twitter): Wrapping up work stuff so I can focus fully on Comic-Con tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24

  • 8:51am CT (via Twitter): At airport, ready to leave for Comic-Con. Initial flight is delayed THREE HOURS due to bad weather in connection city...
  • 8:52am CT (via Twitter): ...So they put me on an earlier flight! Sweet!
  • 10:38am CT (via Twitter): In Houston switching to second flight.
  • 2:48pm PT (via Flickr): "Landing in San Diego"
    Landing in San Diego
  • 2:55pm PT (via Flickr): "Suspicions correct: no AC, only a fan"; I waited too long to get a hotel. This one was nice and well-positioned, but it didn't have AC.
    Suspicions correct: no AC, only a fan
  • 4:08pm PT (via Flickr): "William Katt"
    William Katt
  • 4:12pm PT (via Twitter): Landed in San Diego. Uneventful flights. Tiny pizza for in-flight snack.
  • Not only did Continental treat everyone to miniature pizzas, they also showed us Drillbit Taylor.
  • 4:32pm PCT (via Flickr): "Kyle Baker and Sergio Aragones"
    Kyle Baker and Sergio Aragones
  • 4:40pm PT (via Flickr): "Amy Kim Ganter and Kazi Kibuishi"
    Amy Kim Ganter and Kazi Kibuishi
  • 4:54pm PT (via Flickr): "Stan Bush"
    Stan Bush
  • 5:00pm? PT (via Flickr): "Nite-Owl's ship"
    Nite-Owl's ship
  • 5:05pm PT: William Katt
  • 5:28pm PT (via Flickr): "NCsoft"
  • 6:16pm PT: Nite-Owl's ship from The Watchmen
  • 6:17pm PT: Nite-Owl's ship from The Watchmen
  • 6:26pm PT: The NCsoft booth, spotlighting Operation Immortality
  • 6:27pm PT (via Flickr): "The Baroness and a Cobra Soldier
    The Baroness and Cobra Commander
  • 6:37pm PT (via Flickr): "Robert Culp"
    Robert Culp

Friday, July 25

  • 7:53am PT (via Twitter): Had a nice dinner with NCsoft crew last night. Woke up way too early this morning.
  • 7:56am PT (via Twitter): Have you seen my Comic-Con photos? http://www.flickr.com/photo...
  • 9:47am PT (via Flickr): "This is the pre-line for the ticket to enter the real line"; a friend of mine asked me to pick up a certain toy for him. Turned out it was a bigger mission than anticipated.
    This is the pre-line for the ticket to enter the real line
  • 9:50am PT (via Twitter): I'm on the line to get the ticket for the real line.
  • 9:54am PT (via Flickr): "Slave Leia is mandatory at conventions"
    Slave Leia is mandatory at conventions
  • 12:23pm PT (via Flickr): "This is the start of the actual line"
    This is the start of the actual line
  • 12:56pm PT (via Flickr): "The end of the line"
    The end of the line
  • 1:21pm PT (via Flickr): "Mission accomplished"; This was the toy I was supposed to collect after waiting in line.
    Mission accomplished
  • 2:01pm PT (via Flickr): "David Nakayama"
    David Nakayama
  • 2:04pm PT (via Twitter): Just had a great chat with always-friendly comic artist David Nakayama.
  • 2:27pm PT (via Twitter): This may surprise you, but some people at comic conventions smell really, really bad.
  • 2:48pm PT (via Flickr): "Stan "The Man" Lee"
    Stan "The Man" Lee
  • 3:08pm PT (via Flickr): "'An Introduction to Webcomics' panel"
    "An Introduction to Webcomics" panel
  • 5:36pm PT (via Flickr): "Steve Troop"
    Steve Troop
  • 6:00pm PT (via Flickr): "Greg Dean"
    Greg Dean

Saturday, July 26

  • 9:23am PT (via Flickr): "The Incredibles"
    The Incredibles
  • 10:56am PT (via Flickr): "21 and 24"
    21 and 24
  • 11:03am PT (via Twitter): Little Big Planet looks awesome. The little canvas boy has great controls and appearance.
  • 11:19am PT (via Flickr): "Amanda Conner"
    Amanda Conner
  • 11:28am PT (via Flickr): "Dean Haglund, one of X-Files 'Lone Gunmen'"
    Dean Haglund, one of X-Files "Lone Gunmen"
  • 11:56am PT (via Flickr): "Ray Bradbury"
    Ray Bradbury
  • 12:16pm PT (via Flickr): "The Dharma Initiative is recruiting"
    The Dharma Initiative is recruiting
  • 12:25pm PT (via Flickr): "I think he has a quest..."
    I think he has a quest...
  • 12:30pm PT (via Twitter): I just received a quest from a guy dressed as an NPC.
  • 12:33pm PT (via Flickr): "...And this is the quest I got from the guy dressed as an NPC"
    ...And this is the quest I got from the guy dressed as an NPC
  • 12:42pm PT (via Flickr): "Catwoman, Robin, and Batman"
    Catwoman, Robin, and Batman
  • 12:53pm PT (via Flickr): "Iron Monger"
    Iron Monger
  • 1:07pm PT (via Twitter): Sitting on the floor to eat half a sandwich.
  • 1:08pm PT (via Twitter): Comic-Con seemed much more crowded yesterday.
  • 1:24pm PT (via Flickr): "Black Manta"
    Black Manta
  • 2:30pm PT (via Flickr): "Plastic Man"
    Plastic Man
  • 3:23pm PT (via Twitter): I've been to a lot of panels. I should start looking for the things I came to buy as well.
  • 3:49pm PT (via Flickr): "Dwayne McDuffie"
    Dwayne McDuffie
  • 4:35pm PT (via Twitter): My feet are killing me.
  • 4:44pm PT (via Twitter): In conventions past, People dressed as Star Trek, Star Wars, vampires, and superheroes. Growing themes include Stargate, steampunk/steamgoth
  • 4:45pm PT (via Twitter): ...oh, and people giving out free hugs.
  • 5:12pm PT (via Twitter): I walked all the way to the next panel...but the line was capped and I could not get in. :(
  • 5:14pm PT (via Twitter): I'm in!
  • 5:45pm PT (via Flickr): "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes"
    Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • 6:30pm PT (via Twitter): Greg Dean is a scholar and a gentleman.
  • 6:50pm PT (via Flickr): "Destro"
  • 6:56pm PT (via Twitter): Wanted to go to a Mythbusters panel, but the line is crazy long so I will probably not get in.
  • 7:22pm PT (via Twitter): The Mythbusters room is now officially at capacity. No new people are being allowed inside. :(
  • 7:34pm PT (via Flickr): "Clothes made from the con's gift bags"
    Clothes made from the con's gift bags

Sunday, July 27

  • My iPhone didn't charge up from the night before for some reason. It is less than one-quarter charged.
  • 9:20am PT (via Twitter): People love their free poster tubes.
  • 9:24am PT (via Twitter): Phone ran out of power and wouldn't recharge at the end of Comic-Con. No worries...nothing interesting happened to me since the last post.
  • 9:35am PT: I got a pen from the DC Universe Online booth that had a miniature batlight built into it.
  • 9:48am PT (via Flickr): "Batman and Wonder Woman"
    Batman and Wonder Woman
  • 10:00am PT (via Flickr): "Convention of the Apes"
    Convention of the Apes
  • 10:06am PT: I'm surprised it took so long for me to see some Ninjas.
  • 10:13am PT: I think they're waiting in line for an autograph.
  • 10:14am PT: The convention wwas giving away one free Maple Story card pack to all visitors. This young entrepeneur had 20 additional packs at the time I took this picture.
  • 10:16am PT: This is a line to get free poster tubes with built in straps for easy carrying.
  • 10:30am PT (via Flickr): "Zuda Comics"
    Zuda Comics
  • 11:30am PT (via Flickr): "Bender"

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