Third Birthday for Local Heroes!

Woo-whee! Today is the third birthday for Local Heroes; three years ago today, I released the first three Local Heroes strips.

We need a little something to help mark the day. What to use, what to use.... Ah, I know! In the comic, Squire is part of Local Chapter 37 super-team, which in turn is part of the larger UNIONS super-franchise. Sure, an organization as large as UNIONS has it's own website? It didn't but now it does! Let's go peruse the all-new, all-official LocalHeroes.info!

Let's skip a bit down ol' memory lane with some Local Heroes trivia!
  • I've owned LocalHeroes.info for a couple of years, but haven't done anything official with it until now.
  • I accidentally let my registration on LocalHeroes.info lapse a few months ago. Panic! But no one snatched it from me, and I waited the correct amount of time and was able to buy it again. Whew!
  • Although Local Heroes is my longest-running webcomic, it's not my my first. The first ongoing comic I put online was A Girl and Her Wookiee, by my buddy Gil Dowling and me.
  • I can only assume that Marvel wanted to help me celebrate the occasion when it decided to release the awesome new Iron Man movie today. Thanks, Marvel!

Here's looking forward to another year for the comic!

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