The Dentist and the Lizard

I went to my dentist yesterday (Dr. Mollie Kentor—a great dentist!). I needed some work done on a couple of teeth.

After I sat down and they started prepping, but before any actual work begun, a small green lizard skittered across the floor. This freaked out my dentist and her assistant for a bit. After a few moments it became clear that they weren't the greatest lizard-catchers. So I sat up and took off the dental-bib and began stalking the beast. They gave me a small cup, which I used to wrangle my prey. Within a few minutes, I had him cupped. I brought him outside and let him go. When I returned, I was greeted with thanks and sighs of relief.

Moment later, we saw a different lizard outside the window. He seemed angry that his buddy wasn't there waiting for him. Angry at us.

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