Scanner Troubles

So I pretty much took all of January off from my online comics "work," which was a couple weeks more than I originally intended. However, I haven't been completely slacking, and I wanted to let you in on what I've been doing.

I've been sketching out each strip in the next Local Heroes storyline (normally, I do one or two strips at a time) as well as bringing together the Local Heroes coloring book (all the strips after the first book until present). I wanted to share some of the sketches and a bit of the cover of the coloring book, but my scanner's software is giving me a really hard time.

If I get the scanner working, I'll post some of those things later today, otherwise I'll try to get them up later in the week.

Still no time estimate for when the next Local Heroes strip will be up (because I want to have at least half of the 18-or-so strips fully done before I start posting).

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