Advertising on Hurm Sites

I just set up two new ad opportunities on Hurm sites: a banner ad on all pages of Local Heroes and a banner ad on the home page of Playtime Projects and Both types of ads are managed by Project Wonderful.

For years, I've run two Google AdWords boxes on the Local Heroes site—a banner ad area with two text-based ads and a smaller mini-tower block with one or two text-based ads. Sadly, they haven't really been raking in the dough during any of that time. Maybe that's because my site isn't popular enough, or maybe because they're text only. Whatever the case, I've been testing Project Wonderful buttons ads on the sidebar of several Hurm sites, and so far they seem to be doing at least as well as the Google ads. Also, it makes me feel better about myself to help promote this ad network that does its darndest to support the greater webcomic community. And so I created these two new banner ads.

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