Hurm Network now using Project Wonderful

I'm trying something new for a selection of Hurm websites: Ads from Project Wonderful. You can bid on any of the three slots by clicking the link below the ads and following the instructions provided.

I have been using Google ads at Local Heroes for years, but they never bring me in any money. We'll see how Project Wonderful does—if nothing else, it's a quick and easy way for the webcomics community to crosslink.

The ads are on the bottom-right of each page in each sites. Below is a list of the within the Hurm.com that are sites using Project Wonderful. Submitting an ad to one of them is essentially submitting an ad to all of them.

At the moment, Local Heroes is not on that list. If/when I integrate the new "universal Hurm template" into Local Heroes, then that, too, will include the Project Wonderful ads.

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