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UPDATE! Chi Shannon is our winner!

We're entering the eighth week of the Hurm.com 10 Year anniversary celebration with something new: a giveaway! Okay, well, that's not new, but what's being given away is. The first giveaway offered up a signed copy of Heroes Incorporated® #1. The second giveaway gave a signed copy of Local Heroes #1 to Lou Graziani (of Cy-Boar fame!). This third giveaway gives away a custom sketch by me, Keith Quinn, to the first person who asks for it!

The sketch will be black markers over pencils on a piece of white 9" by 12" cardstock. It will be of a single character and in the Local Heroes style . (For examples of that style, visit here, here, and here at www.localheroes.us.) The lucky person may choose any character in the Local Heroes universe for their sketch (or if they have a clear example of their own original character, I'll consider doing that character instead!).

The way this works is similar to the previous two giveaways:

  1. The giveaway is only valid until the end of the tenth celebration week—Saturday, September 22, 2007.
  2. Did you want it? The way to ask for it is to go to www.hurm.com/contact/ and send me . . .
    1. Your name (so I know who is getting the sketch)
    2. Some sort of note that lets me know you want the sketch
    3. Your mailing address (so I know where to send the sketch)
  3. The sketch is only going to the first person to ask for it.
  4. After the lucky person contacts me . . .
    1. I will post a note on Hurm.com with the lucky person's name
    2. A few weeks later, I will mail that sketch to that lucky person!

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