Heroes Incorporated® #1 Giveaway

Welcome to Week 2 of Hurm.com's 10 Year anniversary celebration, with eight more weeks to go! Last week, we began rolling out a new look for Hurm.com. This week, I'm giving away a signed copy of Heroes Incorporated® #1 to one lucky person!

The Heroes Incorporated story was originally printed in two parts after the creation of Hurm Studio but about two years before Hurm.com was registered. I (Keith Quinn) wrote, penciled, and inked everything within this comic book. In the story, Grenadier and the Heroes Incorporated super-team race to rescue a wealthy businessman's grandson after he is kidnapped by a trio of super-villains. This recent compilation includes both parts as well as eight pages of bonus material from the never-completed third part.

Here's how the giveaway is going to work:

  1. The giveaway is only valid until the end of the tenth celebration week—Saturday, September 22, 2007.
  2. Did you want it? The way to ask for it is to go to www.hurm.com/contact/ and send me…
    1. Your name (so I know who is getting the comic)
    2. Some sort of note that lets me know you want the signed copy of Heroes Incorporated #1
    3. Your mailing address (so I know where to send the comic)
  3. The signed Heroes Incorporated #1 is only going to the first person to ask for it.
  4. After the lucky person contacts me…
    1. I will post a note on Hurm.com with the lucky person's name
    2. A few weeks later, I will mail a signed copy of Heroes Incorporated #1 to that lucky person!

Normally, you can find the unsigned version of the book in the Hurm Studio section of Lulu.com. However, because this giveaway version needs to be signed, I will be ordering a copy, signing it, then sending it out to the lucky new owner—this is why it will take a few weeks to get the book to the new owner.

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