Local Heroes Returns From Hiatus

Annnd we're back! After taking a month off, a new Local Heroes strip is up! However, the latest strip is only one short panel, and there's some text at the bottom that may seem a little odd. Let me explain.

My girlfriend gave me a Wacom tablet for Christmas, which is something I've been aching to use lately. I wanted to start doing some inking directly on the computer. Since Local Heroes has only been in pencils so far, I thought inking the strip from now on would be a great way for me to get used to the tablet. I needed to start off simple, so I went with a "coloring book" plotline.

Yep, the latest storyline will eventually be a coloring book. And you'll see it created, online, one or two (or three?) pages/panels at a time.

(Sidenote: Hm. That means all the previous strips should be printed first. To do so properly, I need to touch-up, rescan, and rework some of the first strips to make them more in line with later ones. The penciled strips will be "book one," and the coloring book will be "book two.")

Actually, I meant to have two panels/pages ready for today for the new story arc, but I overestimated myself. I'm not as fast with the tablet as I would like to eventually become. Once I get better with the tablet, I hope to have two or three panels/pages done each week.

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