Back from NY Comic Con 2007!

I'm back from New York Comic Con. I bought a few items and took some not-so-great photos. We also met a few notable people.

I went Friday evening and most of Saturday. My friends Gil and Joey joined me.

On Friday, I got an autograph and sketch from the charming and professional Joe Staton.

We chatted with Ken Kelley on Saturday. Later on, I got to meet Paul Southworth of Ugly Hill—a fine chap I must say!

While wandering around, we walked past and Peter Mayhew and Gary Coleman.

My friends and I talked to the cheerleader of Heroes, Hayden Panettiere. Next to her were Feedback, Fat Momma, and Major Victory from Who Wants to Be a Superhero. Later, from a distance, we saw Stan Lee signing autographs.

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