Playing with My Wacom Tablet

As mentioned in a recent post, I'm taking a short break from Local Heroes while I get my chops up with my Wacom tablet.

Previously, sloppy sketches turned into finished pencils that were lettered and uploaded as Local Heroes strips. In the future, I'd like to go from sloppy sketches into digitally inked strips that are lettered and turned into Local Heroes strips. Blah, blah blah…so what have I actually been up to? Here are some very rough samples of my early tablet tests.

As you can see, everything's pretty loose. Very quickly, I found that I was holind the pen way too tightly. In these first "baby steps," I want to concentrate on being able to draw on the computer for more than 10 minutes without killing my hand. Once I get that down, I'll try for accuracy and style.

This shot of Squire was done in Photoshop. I whipped out a sketch of him in an action pose, then refined the image on a second layer. After that, I colored it in and saved it as you see here.

This next one was done in Flash. I have an idea for another comic, one which centers on the players of massively-multiplayer games. This nature scene might end up being reference for Widow's Peak, an in-game player-town from that comic.

This colorful sketch was also done in Flash. Something seems to be going on in the center of Widow's Peak.

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