Local Heroes in 2007

Just over a year ago, I outlined my plans for Local Heroes in 2006. Now, I'll do the same thing for Local Heroes in 2007.

  • First, a short break. During 2006, Local Heroes came our every Monday. This year, I will be taking short breaks between storylines. These breaks will help me stay on top of new storylines as well as accomplish some of the tasks outlined below.
  • Wacom Tablet! During the first break, I will work on my skills with my new Wacom Tablet. Once I have some degree of confidence, I'd be making the first story arc of the new year to be done on the computer and inked (instead of scanned pencils). If things work out well, I will be doing more Local Heroes tales on the computer.
  • Coloring book: I have an idea for a Local Heroes coloring book, featuring Squire as he tries to pet-sit Legion's pet monkey named Plethora. The next storyline will essentially be the content of that coloring book.
  • Printed collection: I'd also like to collect all Local Heroes strips to date into a single printed comic book. To do so, I need to rework some of the early strips. (Some need letter improvements. Also, some weren't scanned in at a high enough resolution, so I need to take care of that.)
  • T-shirts: I still have two t-shirts I want to do. The first design will be Mystery-man on a black background, and that same design will be combined with the previous
  • Conventions: I'd like to go to at least two comic conventions this year. I don't know that I'll have a booth, but I'll certainly be checking in on any webcomic-related seminars and discussions if possible.

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