2007 Resolutions

No, silly. Resolutions for 2007, not literally 2007 resolutions! Before going forward, let's check in with last year's "6 Resolutions for 2006."

In the original order, here's what I had for resolutions last year and how I did:

  1. Strive to ensure each Local Heroes strip is entertaining. Although this may be subjective, I'm going to check this one off as "done"—certainly, I was entertained by my strip.
  2. Strive to ensure each Local Heroes strip is published on schedule. Done! A new Local Heroes strip came out every Monday throughout all of 2006.
  3. Redesign Hurm.com. Also done! Hurm.com's home page, "Essentials" sections, and the Hurm Studio's online portfolio all received a CSS-based update.
  4. Turn Hurm.com and/or Local Heroes into a profitable venture. Well, I sold one Silent Knight t-shirt…but it was to my girlfriend. You know what? I'm giving myself partial credit on this resolution. So there.
  5. Learn some more PHP/MySQL coding. I signed up for a PHP class at the end of the year, but not enough people signed up so the class was cancelled. This one got away from me, but I did get through a short series of Intro to Programming/JavaScript classes. No partial credit here, but it's something I'm proud of. I'll work PHP into the mix in 2007.
  6. Start a second comic strip. As predicted, this one slipped away from me. I did some work in this direction—three projects, in fact—but nothing really gained enough momentum.

With a mild bit of redundancy, here are some goals for 2007.

  1. Keep my news blog updated. The Hurm.com news blog is now shared by Hurm.com, Nowheresville.org (now a.k.a. hurm.com/news/) and Local Heroes. That news blog will also serve all future projects. This means that each project's blog will have more frequent content, but it also means there should be at least two or three posts per week (hopefully with a day or two in-between, rather than all cluttering one another).
  2. Celebrate Hurm.com's 10 year anniversay! Holy crow! Has it been 10 years? Yep, Hurm.com was born on July 15, 1997 and posted it's very first words just a few days later. I don't even know how to celebrate such a thing. Wait, wait…something's coming to me…
  3. Redesign Hurm.com. Again.Last year I converted the core Hurm.com pages into CSS. This year, Hurm.com and a number of its subsites will get an update. I'm working on a "universal Hurm template" that will be shared (with some local variations) across Hurm.com, Nowheresville, Hurm Studio, Local Heroes, and a couple of new projects I have in mind.
  4. Start a second comic strip. Speaking of new projects, this "completely swiped from last year" resolution is being worked on already. In fact, this comic is my original webcomic, before both A Girl and Her Wookiee and Local Heroes. I don't want to say too much, but I will tease you by saying it will probably be a monthly humor strip about the players of massively-multiplayer online games, and if all goes as planned it will take place both inside an MMOG as well as outside.
  5. Be more involved in comics. Instead of simply swiping the "make the Hurm.com network profitable" and "learn PHP/MySQL" resolutions to round out the list, I threw in this resolution. One way I'll be more involved is to go to more comic conventions. New York Comic-Con is one such convention, with the added bonus of helping me visit my family back on Long Island, New York, more often. I'll also check out San Diego Comic-Con and some local cons. I'm not sure yet what else I'll do to "be more involved," but I'll try to keep this resolution in mind as the year develops.

Although not strictly "resolutions" posts, you might want to also check out my recent Hurm.com in 2007 and Local Heroes in 2007 posts for other goals and plans of mine.

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