Hurm.com in 2007

Hurm.com was registered on July 15, 1997. Which means, of course, it'll be 10 years old in the middle of next year.

How will I celebrate, if at all? I'm not sure, but I do know that, to help my web-based sites and projects move forward, I need to first do a bit of "house cleaning" behind the scenes. This will include some changes that will be visible to any regular visitors I have.

Here's a brief note as to why I'm making these changes and how they will probably affect things.

Problem: I have multiple websites, each with its own blog. I did this on purpose, to allow each website's news and project entries to be self-contained within it's own archives. However, each time I start a new website project, I spend less time on each blog.

Solution: Maintain one master "news blog" that can be broadcast into each of my websites. Project-specific entries (such as Local Heroes comic updates) would be maintained by its particular project-site.


  • Each site's archives will focus on its particular creations instead of mixing creation notes with news
  • Internal searches will not be "damaged," as all subsites will search the main news archives or their individual project archives with each search attempt
  • External searches (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) may be "damaged" (or maybe just altered) as each project-site has less individual news archives and archives become more theme-specific
  • Hurm.com will end up being more of a central hub for my web efforts
  • Nowheresville will become hurm.com/news/, although nowheresville.org will still exist by pointing to hurm.com/news/.

The Plan:

  1. Update Nowheresville categories [Done]
  2. Change /hurm/news/ to /hurm/newsfeeds/ (Change settings, too) [Done]
  3. Change /nowheresville/ directory/settings to /news/ [Done]
  4. Republish new /news/ blog [Done]
  5. Point nowheresville.org to /hurm/news/ [Done]
  6. Add multi-blog settings into all subsites [Done]
  7. Copy all Hurm.com news into the Nowheresville blog [Done]
  8. Delete copied Hurm.com news from Hurm.com blog (can leave HTML pages) [Done]
  9. Copy all Local Heroes news into the Nowheresville blog [Done]
  10. Copy all Local Heroes comments into the Nowheresville blog [Unnecessary]
  11. Delete copied Local Heroes news (and comments) from Local Heroes blog (can leave HTML pages) [Done]
  12. Create one shared multi-blog comments format for all subsites [Done]
  13. Create one master set of RSS pages [Done]
  14. Create separate sets of RSS pages for "all news," "all news plus projects" for each project, etc. [Done]
  15. Create one multi-blog master archive page for all subsites [In Progress]
  16. Create one master About page for all sites (Alternately, revise existing About pages) [In Progress]
  17. Create one master Links page for all sites (Alternatively, revise existing Links pages) [In Progress]
  18. Create one universal 404 page [Not Yet Started]
  19. Leave all retired pages for anywhere from 4 months through end of year

As I move through the plan, I'll add short updates to this entry.

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Nobody commented at 12:33 AM on January 9, 2007:

The Hurm.com Network updates are going well. I've been checking off my list as I go, and even slipping in some extra listings that got missed the first time around. I'm also catching some glitches in my system that I didn't know about.

For example, I just added (and marked as "done") the point about intending to create a shared comments format.

Another thing that I noticed day ago is that you can't add a comment to Nowheresville (at hurm.com/news/) unless you're signed in to TypeKey. At least, I can't do so. It tells me that the comment has been submitted and is awaiting moderation--except that's not true. Comments should go live right away. I need to check that out.

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