Patch Day in World of Warcraft

I've recently gone back to playing World of Warcraft, this time on the Alliance side and with a different group of friends. It took a bit to make the group transition from City of Heroes to WoW, but we've been able to play two weeks in a row. Unfortunately, week two's session took place on patch day.

Patch days will always suck, with every game. I appreciated how Ultima Online had the courtesy of forcing new updates on a small selection of servers before inflicting that update's issues on the rest of the world, but WoW grants no such courtesy. Lame!

Most of the night was spend rubberbanding and superspeeding this way and that, waiting extra long for containers to open, and getting kicked off the server. We started in Ironforge, where one friend had such a rough time trying to leave that he eventually logged off in frustration. The rest of us had a better experience outside of Ironforge, but lag issues were still pretty bad. Toward the end of the night, we all got dumped for about 20 minutes. When were were able to get back in, we played for a very short while, but mostly just wrapped up what we were doing, and went to a city to train-up and log off. I'm sure things will get better pretty quickly, but last night—our dedicated weekly game night—was a pretty sucktastic night.

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