Sync your Firefox bookmarks across multiple computers

I use Firefox at home and on both of my work computers. It's been annoying to make sure to keep all three updated with my latest bookmarks. In comes the Google Browser Sync for Firefox. It's an extension for Mozilla Firefox that "synchronizes your browser settings — including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords — across your computers." It's awesome.

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer lets you save bookmarks through it onto the Google servers, allowing you to have your bookmarks wherever you go (provided you can log into the Google Toolbar, I guess). I was waiting for this feature to come out for Firefox, but forget that now. I like the Broswer Sync extension much better, because I am still saving my bookmarks on my own computer and don't have to worry about loggin in to any service to use them. Even better, each time I start my browser (with that extension loaded), my "original" bookmarks are available.

I installed this new extension a couple of days ago. Originally, I tried going with the default set-up which synced your bookmarks, history, tab settings, etc. For some reason, it kept timing out with errors on each sync. I was able to reload it with only bookmarks and things have worked perfectly since.

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