Back from CAPE 2

I'm back from CAPE 2! Well, I've been back for a few hours, but don't begrudge me my nice little nap.

CAPE 2 was thrown by Zeus Comics in Dallas, and existed partly inside the comic store but mostly under the large tent outside in the parking lot. I met Bryan Hitch, one of my favorite comic artists ever. Mr. Hitch was signing autographs and doing headshot sketches for his fans. The line was slow, but my sketch of the Ultimate Captain America was great! He said he couldn't reveal what his next professional project was, but confirmed that that he had two projects lined up with Marvel Comics, which will probably cover his next 2 to 3 years. He said it will be the biggest project he had ever worked on. Although he couldn't give specific details, he said it was in their mainstream universe and likened it to major story lines such as the current Civil War in the Marvel universe.

The picture below shows the sketch that Mr. Hitch did for me.

I also had a chat with Kristofer Straub of Starslip Crisis. He was still getting over his recent food poisoning but was quite the trooper! He signed my copy of "A Terrifying Breach of Protocol: A Starslip Crisis Collection" as we hob-nobbed. Topics included the pencil-based art style of Local Heroes, using "groups" instead of "symbols" in Flash, the benefits of the Wacom tablet, the costs of advertising on webcomic sites, and the possible benefits of Lost Marble's Moho if applied to Blamimation. It's been said many times before, and uninspirational suck-up that I am, I'll say it again: Mr. Straub was a gentleman and a scholar, and I honestly enjoyed meeting him.

Check out the sketch that Mr. Straub did for me inside my Starslip book. I think we're space pals now!

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