Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon

If you haven't heard already, looks like the next cartoon set in the DC universe will be Legion of Super-Heroes.

I've heard that it's being created by "the people behind the JLU and Teen Titans cartoons." Some voice actors have been picked and pictures have hit the Internet. Some rumors suggest that Superboy will star, others suggest that it's Supergirl, instead (maybe because of the current legal issues DC is having with the Superboy property ownership).

It'll air in September on Kid's WB! and maybe Cartoon Network at a later date.

Official announcement

(Mentions of other possible DC cartoons for the future include Doom Patrol, World's Finest, and Brave & the Bold.)

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wizardimps commented at 2:10 PM on April 25, 2006:

Don't listen to the rumors. Check out the press release at Futon Critic. It's Superboy (as in the young Clark Kent). Check out the Legion Omnicom for more details.

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