I use milk to clean my Windsor Newton brushes

A recent message board poster on the Blank Label Comics forums asked "What art supplies do you all ususally use? Are your mediums primarily phyical, or digital?" When Steve Troop of Melonpool mentioned "I ink characters and foreground items with a Windsor-Newton Series 7 Water Color red sable brush (size 2)," I had to share this little tip:

I love these brushes! Here are two cleaning tips for these brushes:

Windsor-Newton Series 7 brushes are made from real animal hair, which means the way you clean them can be important if you want them to last a long time.

During or after a normal inking session, clean the brush by dragging the bristols lightly across a wet bar of ivory soap (and then rinse the brush). I often have a trial size bar on hand for this sort of thing. Ivory is better than most soaps because it has animal fat in it, which is great for animal hair brushes.

Every few sessions, rinse your brush in milk. A gentle bath in plain ol' whole milk is also really good to extend the life and utility of animal hair brushes.

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