Welcome to Eltingville

I just saw a cartoon on the Cartoon Network, during their Adult Swim time frame, called "Welcome to Eltingville." The cartoon is based on the Eltingville Club comic book stories by Evan Dorkin.

The cartoon was pretty faithful to the comic stories, from what I recall. The general theme to all the stories centers on four geeky friends who are involved with and discuss comics, sci-fi, horror, role-playing games, conventions, movies, toys, and everything that was important when I grew up.

This episode included a famous trivia-off contest between two of the four Eltingville Club members as they “fought” for the right to buy a "never removed from box" Boba Fett figure. The cartoon even used real product & movie names and likenesses--certainly during the trivia-off but also throughout the entire episode--which I would have thought would have been impossible to allow. The episode was pretty good, and I was glad to see Evan Dorkin's name scattered throughout the credits.

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