Local Heroes in 2006

Let me tell you about a few special events being planned for Local Heroes in 2006.

  • Storyline 1 (now with subtitle: "Storyline 1 - Enter: Squire!") is coming to a close. There's a handful of strips left before we switch to the next storyline in January.
  • I'll be trying very hard to make sure that future storylines are a lot shorter. Although the "origin" of Squire storyline is going to be about 40 strips long, I hope to have future storylines be in the ballpark of 6 to 12 strips long.
  • Speaking of future storylines, the Storyline 2 will be spearheaded by guest creator Gil Dowling. Gil's a good friend of mine, was the co-creator of "A Girl and Her Wookiee," and artist in his own right. I've seen some of his preliminaries, and am verymuch looking forward to seeing his tale of Squire and Silent Knight on patrol!
  • Remember when we talked on on the forums about t-shirts featuring the Local Heroes characters? Well, I'm finally working on them! Cafe Press recently launched their beta testing of dark t-shirts, so the timing seems perfect to have a Silent Knight image against a black field. I'm working on both SK and Squire images—they'll probably be done before the year is over, but I suspect you won't actually receive them until 2006, even if you ordered them right away.

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