Searchable Transcriptions at Ohnorobot.com

Local Heroes is now participating in the Ohnorobot service. Ohnorobot.com is a special type of search engine that allows readers to search through transcriptions of online comics. Those transcriptions are typically entered by fans of those same webcomics.

Here's how it works for Local Heroes:

  • There's a unique search page for Local Heroes at Ohnorobot.com
  • A new transcription search form has been added to the Local Heroes Archives page
  • Those individual pages for each Local Heroes strip that have not yet been added into Ohnorobot.com will display a "Transcribe this comic!" graphic-link. You can click that link to transcribe it into the Ohnorobot.com service. (It then needs me to edit/approve the submission before going live.)

I have already added the first strip into the service—if you're looking to help out, here's the format I used:

PANEL 1: Close-up of Squire's hand as he pulls on a glove.

Squire (off-panel): "They call me Squire."

Squire (off-panel): "I'm supposed to be a sidekick."

PANEL 2: Grenadier runs toward the reader. Behind him is Squire's grandfather, shouting orders. They stand in front of Hero Base.

Squire (off-panel): "I was once apprenticed to Grenadier of Heroes Incorporated, a team of super-powered adventurers that my grandfather hired after my parents died."

PANEL 3: The right half-of a split panel with Panel 2, Brainstorm flies off to the right while Adamant and Burst run into action beneath her.

Squire (off-panel): "They were supposed to be the examples of morality and virtue that he couldn't be for me."

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