I would like a portable home address

I'm in the process of moving (the second time in about four years) and I wish I had a portable home address.

Web domains are portable. You purchase your domain name and point it to the actual location of your site. E-mail addresses are similarly portable. Phone numbers have recently become portable, allowing you to purchase a phone number regardless of what service you use or where you live. If only home addresses were equally flexible.

Not like P.O. boxes, either. No, I mean I want people to write "homeaddress@hurm.com" (or some similarly short phrase) on packages meant for me and that would satisfy the written address requirements for any postal service worldwide to get that package delivered right to my door. And not only would the address be as simple, but it would be as easy to update it as it is to change the taregt hosting service for web sites and e-mail addresses.

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