James Doohan does at age 85

According to the Bloomberg article I just read, "James Doohan, who fielded the request 'Beam me up' as the starship Enterprise's engineer Scotty in the 'Star Trek' science-fiction television series and subsequent films, has died. He was 85."

Update: Besides the original Star Trek series and the eventual movie sequals, I remember James Doohan as Commander Carnavin of the 1970s Saturday morning TV show "Jason of Star Command" (a sort-of sequal to Space Academy--mostly because they both used the same set, props, and special effects). I remember being surprised to hear what Mr. Doohan's real accent sounded like and surprised that such a big actor (in my mind, anyway) would take such a small role on a kid's show. I appreciated that Scotty from the Star Trek re-runs I enjoyed was also entertaining me on Saturday mornings.

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