Testing a Hurm.com Contact Form

I've had the same e-mail address for years, and the fact that it's plastered all over the web (in web pages, comments, message boards, etc.) is certainly a healthy contributor to my daily e-mail spam. But, better late than never: I'm experimenting with an online contact form that, from now on, I'll be using as my primary online contact method. Here's the URL if you want to noodle around with it: http://www.hurm.com/contact/ (or http://contact.hurm.com/).

I adapted the PHP scripts on the form and result pages from a contact form system at http://www.ibdhost.com/contact/. I didn't have to change much, but this experiment is also helping to expand my knowledge of PHP.

For a while, I considered using a single Movable Type entry instead of a separate PHP script. I decided against that method since I wanted all comments to be private. This independent PHP form script allows for privacy, since it's all done through e-mail. Plus, like I said, it lets me dabble in PHP scripting.

Maybe after a week or so I'll start changing my site's various "contact me" links with the new page.

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