Idea for "Best of Team" mission rewards in MMOGs

Some MMOGs track server-wide or service-wide character achievement stats, and players enjoy seeing their characters rise to the top of these lists. This obviously appeals to "over-achievers," but the everyman is sort of left out. I'd like to see some way to give the "typical achievers" more acknowledgment for their mundane achievements.

A smaller version of that same sense of pride may be achievable in mission achievement stats. A variety of completed objectives could somehow be displayed for the party members to review. If displayed on a web page, perhaps these stats become part of the character's permanent record and are a precursor to the top-level stats displays.

Objectives could include a combination of standard ones (ex. "most kills," "most loot gained," and "most deaths") and missions-specific ones (ex. "killed the mission boss" and "kept the reactor from exploding").

Also, bonus rewards could be distributed after successful missions. Characters who achieved the various mission objectives may receive some token item or character development gifts for their efforts.

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