Grammer Is Beast In X-Men 3

Sci Fi Wire posted that Grammer Is Beast In X-Men 3." Here's how the article starts:

Marvel entertainment chief Avi Arad told SCI FI Wire that Kelsey Grammer will plays Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast in the upcoming third X-Men film and also confirmed earlier reports that Vinnie Jones has signed to play the villainous Juggernaut. Grammer, best known to audiences as TV's Frasier Crane, will play the blue-furred biochemist, whose strength and agility are matched by his genius intellect. Beast will play a prominent role in the third X-Men film, whose story is being kept under wraps.

They also mention "Variety reported that Maggie Grace (ABC's Lost) was in talks to play Kitty Pryde."

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