The Comics I Bought Today

My buddy Gil sometimes posts about the comics he's buying. I thought I'd swipe his posting theme and chat about the comics I picked up today, "new comic day."

Here's the list of what I bought today. I've only read the first two so far.

  • Ultimates 2 #5: Bryan Hitch is a great artist. I wish I could draw like him. He and writer Mark Millar and the rest of the team on the Ultimates make this a great book every time. This is the "everyone versus Thor" issue, and they really make this "small" battle feel like it has a world-size scope. It's not just punches thrown around--people are slammed hundreds of feet into the tundra and it looks like one imagines such a thing should look like, and a miles of trees are flattened from the fight, and people get burned and disfigured, and there's a real sense of speed and intensity...man, this guy's a great artist.

  • Powers #10: 'Cause I love superhero comics that show off heaping teaspoons of "normal life in a superhero world" stories. The art's a cartoony style, kind of like the Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons of recent years, which is fine by me since I love 'em all.

  • The Authority: Revolution #6: I like the general premise of the Authority, and why it came to be (including the Stormwatch predecessor group/book), but over time I started getting bored. They pushed the premise forward in spurts, like this supergroup taking on armies from other dimentions and taking over the US government, but for the most part stories focused on internal squabbles or secret battles. Revolution is kinda nice cause it's where the Authority pushes too far, the normal people of the world push back, and we get to see the characters fleshed out a bit beyond what tactics they'd use in a fight. Not an awesome story, but the other previous post-Bryan Hitch stories should have been more like this.

  • Adam Strange #7: I had one Adam Strange comic as a kid, and I guess I read it a few dozen times. He never seemed that spectacular or appealing to me--just a weak John Carter/Flash Gordon/superhero hybrid. This series is different, celebrating the various cosmic groups and heroes of the modern era, with an growing emphasis on alien worlds. It kinda reminds me of LEGION in that way, which is good because I liked that book, too. Bonus points for actually including LEGION in a major role in this storyline. The story is appealing and the art is fantastic. It's roping me in enough that I may have to get the sort-of follow-up Rann/Thanagar War when that comes out.

  • Majestic #4: Majestic's a Superman knock-off created as part of the Wildstorm universe back when Wildstorm was still putting out Image books. I didn't really care about him one way or another, but the art was clean and appealing, so I got the first one. Then the second one. And I keep getting it, because not only is the art nice, but they started giving him his own story and didn't keep reminding us he's basically a clone of the Superman archetype. I don't know how long I'll keep buying this series, but don't regret picking it up so far.

  • Two Bits #1: This black and white flip-book from Image cost 25 cents. One side gives you a"A it of The Imaginaries" and the other side a preview of Lullaby. I bought this blind and don't know what either is about, but the art looks nice for both previews, there's some behind the scenes info, and it only cost a quarter.

  • The Imaginaries #1: Well, well, well! Apparently one side of Two Bits is already out. Art looks good, as I mentioned, plus it's the whole story and in color.

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Gil commented at 7:39 AM on April 14, 2005:

I'm surprised you read The Authority. When it first came out, Volume 1 by Ellis/Hitch and Millar/Quietly, it was just such a great comic. I tried reading Volume 2 but that just sucked so I stayed away from this iteration. Ed Brubaker writes this correct? I like his Captain America so this could be good I guess.

Oh and do pick up the Rann/Thanagar War. It is drawn by Ivan Reis. This guy is drop dead amazing. Check out a preview of the first issue here:

Rann/Thanagar PDF

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