Sealab, We Hardly Knew Ye

I just watched the most recent Sealab 2021 It was a tribute show to itself--"Sealab 2021: A Legacy of Laughter." Clips from previous episodes were shown, including a tribute to Captain Murphy. The show suggested it was going to premier the next season in the second half hour of the show, but the joke was on the viewer since it was a normal fifteen minute show. Turns out the joke was bigger at the end...

The bumper shown after the end credits read thusly:

Actually, we won't be coming back.

This was the last Sealab.


Thanks for four great seasons.


70-30 and the Sealab cast.

The show wasn't as appealing to me after Captain Murphy was replaced (due to the tragic death of Murphy's Actor, Harry Goz), but this was a surprise to me. It was still an okay show. (Better than Tom Goes to the Mayor, for example.)

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