MT-Blacklist reactivated

For well over a year, I've been getting a lot of comment-spam shoved down the throat of my Movable Type-powered content system. For a while, I included MT-Blacklist into my configuration, but it didn't seem to be working so I didn't re-include it into the mix when I changed my web host. I've decided to try MT-Blacklist again.

You haven't been seeing the comment-spam because all of my non-registered commenters are fully moderated. No unregistered comments appear on the site unless I manually approve them. I get hundreds of garbage submissions each week (and one e-mail for each letting me know they're waiting for moderation), and its a huge pain. I'm glad they're not showing up on the site any more, but that's only one of the major hassles to comment-spam. I want to see if MT-Blacklist can help me stop all those bogus comments from ever being submitted in the first place.

The first test to see if it's working will occur when next I check my e-mail. If I don't have dozens of spam notices flooding my box, then that'll indicate MT-Blacklist is on the job.

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Jonathan commented at 5:52 AM on April 5, 2005:

Good luck with that. I get about 2 dozen uncaught spams a week. After I came back from Vegas though, I had 200 waiting for me. That's right, 200 spam comments that MT-Blacklist didn't catch. Of course, I moderate my comments now, too, so it wasn't a big deal, but... sheesh!

Nobody commented at 6:26 PM on April 5, 2005:

Yeah, it's not catching enough. I just implemented another anti-spam plugin (and will post about it in a moment).

Kate commented at 3:10 AM on April 7, 2005:

I think I'd go insane without MT-Blacklist, whilst it doesn't catch everything, it's a fair sight better than my sitting there deleting 4525326435 comments. And once a url is added, it's blocked. I love the ability to despam a group of comments at once, makes for getting through the buggers much easier!

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