Hurm Studio portfolio code update, stage 1

I've begun an update to the Hurm Studio portfolio HTML code. Each entry now has it's own archive page, and some have moved in their order. More such tweaks to come sometime soon.

No new additions to the portfolio right now, but these tweaks were done to make such updates easier in the future. Previously, I had to manually modify the HTML code with each update. Now, coding changes occur automatically with each update, thanks to Movable Type.

I needed to created individual entries for each portfolio item. I had to do some research to make sure each item placed into the listing at the proper chronological placement, and this had a prepercussion of some items moving around in the line-up. Some of the older items were backdated. Any listing where I didn't have an exact date was fudged, with the fudge-dates based upon the creation, original publishing, or original appearance on the web of the piece.

I'm not sure when the next updates might occur, because they need to at least include both significant code changes but should also include a full Hurm.com/studio site overhaul. I have some ideas for the visual redesign, but I'm not fully happy with any of them just yet.

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