Nowheresville Facelift, Phase One

Welcome to the new look for Nowheresville. This is the final version of the the redesign I mentioned recently. Only the home page has changed thus far--I'm letting the changes sink in before doing the rest of my site. Let me take a few moments to point out some of what's what.

Compared to the previous Nowheresville home page, there are a handful of notable changes.

  • Nowheresville now sports what I think of as a 3.5 column layout. (The layout remains in a flexible-width "liquid" layout.)
  • The logo-billboard is a bit more stylized.
  • Speaking of styles, we now have three color schemes you can select in the top-right of the page, with more to come. Also, when you select a style, your computer should remember your choice and display Nowheresville in that style the next time you return. Fair warning: I consider the existing color schemes ("Day," "Anti-Day," and "Spring") very temporary and reserve the right to dramatically change them without warning.
  • The zip-up/down collapsability of the "read more" and "read comments" areas have been removed. This keeps the page lighter (as those "hidden" areas actually loaded with the rest of the page) and helps me progress toward a more standards compliant page.

Lemme know what you think.

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