Another Redesign Attempt

I've been working on another redesign concept for Nowheresville. You can view the work in progress here.

It's layout is CSS-controlled, rather than table-controlled, but the Nowheresville layout has made this sort of site design troublesome. The only real concern I have is how the right-most building breaks in Internet Explorer due to the long URLs that are pushing that column too wide. The site being a liquid layout (adjusting width as the browser width is adjusted), and not ice (fixed width layout), probably isn't helping this issue. It doesn't happen in Firefox. Maybe I'll just ignore this problem and wait for those comments to scroll off.

This numbers in the top-left will end up being CSS switchers. You'll be able to switch from the current white and pale-purple default to some other color combinations.

You may notice I removed the zip-up/down features from the "Read More" and "Read Comments" areas. I did this to both trim down the page size and also because that feature didn't seem to work well by my eye with this new design. I'm kind of iffy on removing them, and may rework that area and put them back in.

The very bottom of each section has that big purple block. My original hope is that they would sort of look like door areas, but that didn't seem to work, so I may adjust that in some way. Thinner purple blocks? No purple blocks down there at all? I dunno yet.

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