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One month ago today, my buddy Crazy Joe started a new project called Gamers Charity to help the tsunami victims. I did my bit by designing the current Gamers Charity web site.

For years now, Ultima Online players have been collecting in-game virtual gold and auctioning it off for cash on eBay (or some other auction service). Some companies with games similar to Ultima Online attempt to disallow such transactions, but Origin/Electronic Arts doesn't interfere with any auction that doesn't violate the UO terms of service. Gamers Charity's mission is to take virtual gold donated by Ultima Online players, auction it through eBay, and use the eBay-sactioned MissionFish process to donate the proceeds to the American Red Cross. (Gamers Charity also accepts in-game virtual item donations, as well as direct donations via PayPal. See the site for more information on how to help.)

After the tsunami disaster at the start of the year, Crazy Joe began working his donation/eBay through his own home site. Soon after, he set Gamers Charity up with it's own site and a simple site design. I liked what Joe was doing, and threw out some ideas about how to punch up the design. Before I knew it, I was working on a full redesign of his site.

The site appears to be fairly simple, but of course includes a healthy amount of CSS styling as is my latest web design obsession. It has several subsections that currently regurgitate a few recent entries that share the same category, but over time the home page of each subsection will include more informative tidbits about the topic at hand.

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Susan commented at 10:35 PM on February 1, 2005:

What an incredibly attractive and CSS styled website!

Hey, wanna redesign my website? ;)

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