New species of primate discovered in DR Congo?

An article entitled "'New' giant ape found in DR Congo" on the BBC web site states that "Scientists believe they have discovered a new group of giant apes...with characteristics of both gorillas and chimpanzees...have been sighted in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo."

The article also mentions that "Primatologist Shelly Williams is thought to be the only scientist to have seen the apes," and "During her visit to DR Congo two years ago, she says she captured them on video and located their nests."

They have a large, black faces (like gorillas), are up to two metres tall (6.5ft), weigh 85kg-102kg (187lb-224lb), and have a diet rich in fruit (like chimps). Males make nests on the ground (like gorillas).

It seems scientists are still unsure if they are a new species of ape, if they are giant chimpanzees that behave like gorillas, or are could be hybrids--the product of gorillas mating with chimpanzees.

(To me, they sound like the not-exactly-gorillas that raised Tarzan.)

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